Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fondant Class

I had mentioned a while back about taking some basic cake decorating classes at Hobby Lobby. Those classes are taught by Wilton trained instructors. I enjoyed them but was not able to complete their 3rd segment (fondant) because of low enrollment in November. About a month later I found a fondant class at a near by cake supply store called Cake Carousel. So without hesitation I, along with my friend Luisa, signed up for the class which started this month. This class has validated how passionate I feel about baking. I wanted to share with everyone our class creations...

My cake during class and learning to use a few new tools.

Luisa's cake! Her final cake is SO beautiful :)

The final product!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Birthday {Mom}

I love, love December. It's by far my favorite month, after May, mainly because of the whole Christmas spirit and all the celebrations that come with it. So December is also my mom's birth month. Last year was her big 5-0 birthday but for personal reasons we were unable to celebrate it the way she deserved it. This Christmas I decided to make it up to her. We gathered at our house with some close friends. I went with a orange marmalade flavor for the cake and decorated some sugar cookies. The color inspiration came from TomKat Studio's Red and Aqua Sweet party circles -by the way, those girls rock because they were able to send me the files in such short notice! So enjoy and Happy Birthday mom... You are a fabulous mom and deserve nothing but the best!!

And one more note... I also made about 24 decorated Christmas sugar cookies for my son's school but unfortunately I did not take pictures and this is all I have from my hard work:

(2) Christmas trees and (1) snowman... Oh well! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you a fantastic new year full of love, happiness and many blessings. Thank you for reading my blog and hope everyone continues to follow me in this little adventure! XOXO