Monday, January 9, 2012

November & December {And a Recap}

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to ALL of you!!! LOL! WOW, I've been MIA for a while... Sorry guys! The last quarter of 2011 was such a roller coaster. I experienced my first career layoff, visited my best friend, had my first black Friday experience, got a NEW job and had a WONDERFUL Christmas/NYE celebration!!! So first off, I'm so thankful and grateful with God for this new job opportunity. It came unexpectedly and so far is going great. I'm so glad I enjoyed my time off with the kids and was able to recharge and relax. So here is a recap of what went on as far as cakes go in November and December:
I made this cake for my friend Jonna's youngest son who turned 1 in November :). It was also my first time trying some ruffles!

I didn't make this cake. Our sister-in-law LOVES peonies and she requested one for her birthday. The best part is that this cutie pie made it all the way to Seattle and not a single piece was broken. YAY!! Oh, yeah her name is Angela too!

Happy Birthday Ang!!!

So then I went up to Michigan to visit one of my best friends and help her celebrate her son's first birthday. She ordered an iced cake and we worked on the decorations. She made the 3 fondant animals. Aren't they cute?? I helped her with the rest and the cupcake toppers below.

Oh, this was SO much fun to do because we were working together. We stayed up until 4 am and then started again at 9 am just to be done 15 min before the party was supposed to start. That was close! But we created an amazing memory that we will forever cherish :)

And here I'm with the birthday boy!

My new job had a Christmas potluck lunch so off course I had to make them a cake. I actually made some variations to the traditional vanilla cake I normally make and ended up with a light but delicious Almond spice cake! Yummy!!
 I hope everyone had a wonderful time with their families and loved ones. 2011 was an AMAZING year full of great experiences and miracles. I felt SO blessed beyond my imagination... So May the Lord bless you and your love ones in this new 2012 abundantly. I wish you from the bottom of my heart lots of happiness and love!!!