Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm Back !!!

Hi Everyone!! I'm still alive :)... The last 2 months, almost 3, have gone by so fast and kept me so busy that I ended up neglecting my little blog so I'll try to give you a quick long update as to what has happened in the last few weeks...
So I finished my fondant lessons:
Class #4 was about stencil. It's really easy to do on top of cake but it take more practice to do it on the sides. I did fall in love with this new color called Salmon Pink:

Lesson #5 was supposed to be during Super Bowl weekend but as you may recall, DFW had a "winter blast" so we had to postpone our class for week. Anyway, this was a grand finale. I made a 6" square cake on top of a 8" round cake -I should had used a 10" round cake at the bottom instead. I still loved the colors. The bow was made on our first class so that's why it looks a bit over sized. One of the teacher's from my kids school was leaving so we ended up using the cake for her farewell party at the school so it worked out great!

After this, my full time job just kept me B.U.S.Y.!!! On the plus side I had a business trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina. After Colombia, it's by far my favorite country in South America. I love the food, the people, visiting my sweet friend Joha and off course Tango!

First time dancing Tango. This is during my lesson with my friend's husband Robert!

Then it was back to more work and work but I did had a great chance at making a couple of special cakes:
My lovely husband's birthday was in February. His favorite cake is Carrot Cake and so I made one in  like 3 hours thanks to Cooks Illustrated recipe that I found in this book.

My sweet friend Desi's soon was turning 4 and she allowed me to make his cake. Mr J is a big Star Wars fan and I was so excited to try this out! I found an awesome Darth Vader cake pan on line. Because of its size, I had to use a 12"x12" cake pan. This was a heavy cake but it worked out great. Also, my friend purchased the Star Wars cookie cutters from Williams Sonoma which I used to make the cupcake toppers. And last, but not least, Michelle captured this cool image of the cake!

Sorry for the long! I hope everyone had a blessed and wonderful Easter. I've Mother's day, my birthday and teacher appreciation week so I hope to have at least one new post soon! As always, thanks for checking :) XOXOXO