Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Devynn {Butterfly Cake}

So January was a slow month as far as baking we are concerned. Really, I baked zero! My new job is keeping me so crazy busy and on top of that my commute is much longer so my baking time is so limited right now. But back in December a little girl called Devynn asked me to make her a butterfly cake and I just couldn't say no to her :).

My favorite thing was the wall and table's colors, which were existing, coincidentally matched the cake's colors! Made for a great photography back drop :)
Interesting story about this cake. I was so happy as to how easy this cake turned out to be. I'm literally about to pick the cake up so we can all get in the car when I spotted a bubble on the cake! Not just a little one, oh no, it was huge. so I had to remove letters 'evy', fix/patch and put them back together. On our way to the party I noticed ANOTHER bubble. Can you say major GRRRR? Luckily I had brought with me in a bag some buttercream icing, my knife and palette and was able to fix it at the location while we waited for the birthday girl.
In the end, the cake was a success with everyone especially with little Miss Devynn. Her mama sent me a note a few days later telling me about how much Devynn kept talking about her butterfly cake! :)... Happy Birthday Devynn!!! And thanks for checking!