Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall Festival

The week leading up to Halloween was a crazy, busy one for sure. My kids' school was having their first Fall Festival. I volunteered myself to help out set up some gift baskets for our silent auction. Also, we hosted a cake walk and off course I had to donate some cakes :). My kids' classrooms are called Strawberry and Apple. So in honor of their classroom's names I decided to bake two cakes with those two flavors. The strawberry cake I was already familiar with it (see here). For the apple cake I used a recipe I found in the Betty Crocker Fall Baking Magazine. On a site note, I bought the magazine because they were featuring Bakerella but I'm glad I did since it came in handy!
First in the ingredients list: Butter! And lots of it :)
 And Applesauce for the Apple flavor...

 And mixing...
 And the final product which was won by one of my daughter's classmates!
And now for the strawberry cake. I run out of time so I had to improvise on my cake design but I was still very happy with the results...

I had a great time working on these two cakes. Went to bed a couple of times at 2 am but it was worthy because I was doing what I love!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cake Lessons {Last Day}

I've been taking a few cake decorating lessons at Hubby Lobby. I did the first two segments and I'm hoping they will have the third one available soon. It was so much fun to do this because it made me realize how passionate I feel about baking/cooking... So below are the pictures of my final cake for this class!