Thursday, November 10, 2011

October Birthdays {Cakes}

well, October came by and fast. It was a busy month with an expected surprised -I was laid off from work as an engineer. Although my first reaction was to be upset, I quickly realized that God has a better plan for us. Like Ashley, from Lil Blue Boo says, today I choose Joy :). Anyway, I do want to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart to some of my friends who have done some amazing things not only for my but my family during this time of transition. It means a lot to us!!
So, on to cakes... I had the pleasure of making two special birthday cakes. The first one was for baby Coco (my friend Eli's youngest daughter) who just turned 1.
The next cake was made for my friend Beth's best friend Erin. I recently met Erin and she is one of the sweetest ladies to talk to and she also makes some super cute cakes.
Also, what do you think of the rose? This was my first rose made out of gum paste and I loved how it turned out :)

Up next, I'll upload pictures of the Peony I made for our sister-in-law! As always, thanks for looking!